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Our African wildlife passion and commitment make us believe in a safari and tourism sustainable development.

This responsibility moves us to search for alliances and cooperation on the conservation efforts carried out all along sub Saharan Africa, where a silent fight against poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking occurs every day. This affects subsistence of such amazing and unique species as elephants, rhinos, lions, gorillas and leopards, among others.


Founded in 1977 by Dame Daphne Sheldrick, the Trust runs the most successful elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. To date, their Orphans’ Project has successfully reintegrated more than 90 elephants into wild herds in Tsavo, Kenya. In addition, they carry out this successful mission with rhinos and other endangered species.

But this is not enough and wildlife needs your support. Every fifteen minutes an African elephant is killed for its ivory and at this rate, by 2025 there will be none of these animals left except in captivity. Individual support and donations can make a difference in the species future, allowing the Trust to preserve Africa’s treasure, wildlife and habitats, for generations to come.

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