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Human beings are living an accelerated disconnection from Nature and their origins.


Despite the fascinating adventure of our evolution it is important to reverse such process by reconnecting with what we essentially are.


For Juan Pablo, Into Africa’s founder – after a lifetime nature’s experience and observation – three words synthetize this reconnection process, Time – Distance – Silence. He applies these three key behaviour attitudes in each of his African journeys and recommends all travellers to apply them in order to get the most of it.


Time. In order to allow things to happen we must give Nature enough time and realize that we can’t impose our rhythm to what’s going on. Let’s allow her to impose her own timings over us. At the end we carry it in our DNA and that is why we feel so pleased when we are among Nature. By allowing the necessary time to ourselves we will be surprised with what we see making of it an unbeatable experience. Time will connect us with the natural flow of the environment.


Distance. By keeping due distance from the subject (wild animals for the case) we won’t disrupt Nature’s course of action. This attitude will situate us as mere observers allowing us to understand the whole ecological context and how animals and plants communities interact and relate perfectly synchronized.


Silence. Let Nature speak and flood us with its wonderful music. Let’s keep silence and avoid destroying the moment. By keeping silence we can deeply connect with her and open our senses to each sound as if they were notes from a great melody. This becomes especially notorious during dawn and dusk when the synchronized singing of birds, insects and amphibians occurs.


Reconnection with Nature will come through by itself once you allow her and yourself enough time, due distance and proper silence.


All of the above can be simply summarized as respect and love for the environment that surrounds us.