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What are the various activities we offer?

The activities that are carried out in a safari will depend on the destination, level of adventure, physical capacity of the traveler and the purpose of the safari itself. The main activities are:

Game drive

The most classic of safaris and the best way to get close to the wildlife is in a 4WD vehicle with a local guide. This activity is carried out twice a day in an attempt to match the ecological behavior of the animals. The first outing is very early in the morning and the second, of shorter duration, is in the afternoon, trying to avoid the hottest hours during the middle of the day.

Walking safari

The favorite and what the founder of Into Africa has specialized in is the best way to connect with the nature of Africa and its animals. The objective of this activity is controlled approaches to potentially dangerous animals, without being disruptive, to observe them in their natural environment. The walking safari is based on three fundamental principles; animal behavior and levels of intimidation, safety, and ethical and responsible behavior.

Mountain Biking

A great way to venture into the natural environment to cover greater distances, and enjoy the natural African landscapes.

Canoeing or Kayaking

This type of safari is always related to those destinations where wildlife is related to large bodies of water. It is a great way to get close to the animals and enjoy incredible natural scenery.

Horseback Safari

For adventurers and horse lovers, a safari of this kind is an unforgettable experience. It allows a controlled approach to the animals and to interact with them as you ride near them.

Hot air balloon safari

A balloon safari is one of the most memorable experiences of a trip to Africa. By flying slowly and silently over the savanna or deserts, you can experience nature at every moment, observing the animals and the sunrise from an entirely different perspective.

Air safari

The only way to get an overview of the ecosystem you are visiting is from the air. This is why an aerial safari is a luxury experience that can be done either by helicopter or airplane.

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