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What is the difference between a Lodge, Tented Camp and a Hotel?

The types of safari lodges differ in their construction, style, permanence, type of material, sustainability, and exclusivity. Types of Accommodation:


Classic hotels, which are normally used for flight connections or arrivals to larger cities.

Tented Camp

Classic waterproof canvas tent format, used for centuries since the time of the first explorers. The camp consists of luxury ensuite safari tents with private bathrooms and a main common tent where the dining and living room are located. Some may have a swimming pool.

They are 4 types of tented camps:


They are always located in the same place and their floors are usually wooden decks.


They are less sophisticated in structure and size, which allows them the flexibility of installation at various locations throughout the year.


They are typically set up for a whole season and then pulled down and moved to another point of interest.


Commonly used on walking or mobile safaris, as they are easy to move and small in size and usually do not accommodate more than 6 guests. In this format there are three levels of tent rooms which are ensuite, igloo, and small tent.


Thick structure buildings with large common areas, swimming pool, and rooms. They are frequently larger, have a staff of several dozen people, and accommodate 20 or more guests.

Tented Lodge

A lodge in which a tented camp is included, making the rooms lighter in structure and allowing greater connection with the natural environment.

Regular Lodge

They feature the regular characteristics of a lodge with a cozy enclosed common area, dining rooms, and enclosed ensuite bedrooms. The latter can sometimes be connected to the common area.

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